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Depression and Anxiety Counseling

A lot of seniors who are living with depression and anxiety have issues with self-acceptance and may have a negative outlook on life. These negative thoughts can affect the way they see the world and can adversely affect their relationships toward themselves and others. Counseling can help them see a different perspective on the different aspects of their lives. It also allows them to express their thoughts and find someone who can gradually help them deal with their fears and negative thoughts through sessions that enable them to see their worth and cope with situations or things that they fear.

Counseling for Aging Adults

The transition to old age may not be easy for some people who are entering their senior years. It is at this stage in a person’s life where one’s strength and vitality are reduced. Some of their body functions weaken and pains and disorders start to appear. For people who are struggling to accept these changes, they may benefit from the guidance of a counselor. These licensed professionals can help them put their worries and fears in perspective and appreciate this stage in their lives.

Individual Counseling

For a lot of seniors, challenges, changes, and grief or loss of loved ones can be overwhelming. They need the support of a professional who can help them see the good in life and gain fresher, more positive perspectives in life. Our counselors can help them sort through their unexpressed thoughts and emotions and determine the issues that are affecting the person and support the client in resolving them.

We accept traditional Medicare and Private pay as methods of payment for our services. For inquiries about our services, please send us a message or reach out to us through our given Contact details.

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