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The mission is to address the challenges confronting the Baby Boomer generation, the largest elderly demographic in history, who desire independence but face limited support due to busy children and the scarcity of affordable home services.

Wellness check-ins are the most requested service by traditional caregiving agencies (85% of all calls), with approximately 40,000 check-ins performed in Austin and surrounding areas per month.

SwingBy.care check-ins average 35 minutes.

A check-in consists of:  Medication Reminders - Hygiene Reminders - Overall Health Discussion - Mail in - Trash out - Dishes Done - Animals Feed - Sheets Clean.  If some of these services require need, they will be addressed during the visit.  A digital report is sent to the family with notes relating to all of the items above plus suggestions - ie.  Grandma was struggling to get around (worth a discussion with them), the house was in disarray, and the backyard looked like it hadn't been attended to in quite some time, etc.

Traditional agencies require a minimum three to four-hour commitment, often burdensome and financially inaccessible. Swingby addresses this gap by focusing on the most critical service, offering a minimum 35-minute wellness check-in for $45.00 and only $1.00 per minute if you would like to extend the time, and all done through mobile applications that use similar features to ride-sharing apps, Uber Eats, Rover, and Wag.


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SwingBy.Care – Non-Medical Companion Services – 35 Minute Minimum 0 reviews

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