Summer is Here: Fun and Safe Activities for Seniors in Central Texas

With summer officially here, we are in for many blazing hot days in central Texas. It can be challenging to enjoy the summertime in such a hot climate, but it’s not impossible. There are many ways you can stay active and enjoy all of the fun summer has to offer in Texas while staying safe and cool.

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of sun protection, especially during the summertime, so keep that in mind! Sun protection is critical, especially with high temperatures. There are ways you can enjoy the outdoors safely while considering the principles of sun safety. 

Fun Summertime Activities for Seniors

  1. Take a Swim – Swimming is an excellent way to stay active and enjoy the beautiful summer days while staying cool. It’s a great exercise for seniors as it’s low-impact and easy on the joints. Swimming is a great way to enjoy a summer day, whether it be at a local neighborhood pool or an indoor pool at your closest gym. Local community centers and senior centers are also great places that may have pools (indoor and/or outdoor) as well as water aerobics classes targeted for older adults. Additionally, swimming provides a refreshing way to exercise and relax during hot days. Ensure the pools you’ll be going to are accessible for your needs and provide appropriate facilities for seniors. Some of our favorite places to swim in central Texas include:
  • Deep Eddy Municipal Pool 
  • Westenfield Pool
  • Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest Municipal Pool
  • Bastrop State Park Pool
  • YMCA
  1. Join a Fitness Class – Working out is beneficial for our physical and mental health and can be done in a way that is both strengthening and enjoyable. During the hottest days of summer, when going outside might not be a suitable option, you can stay indoors and follow along to a Pilates video on YouTube, go to your neighborhood gym and attend a yoga class, or find a group that does workout classes at your nearest community center. Regardless of your fitness level, there are classes for you that will help you build strength, increase balance and flexibility, and help build community. Some of our favorite places to exercise include:
  • YMCA
  • Community or Senior Centers
  • Your preferred gym
  1. Go On a Nature Walk – On days when the weather is more temperate, a stroll near Ladybird Lake or along your neighborhood trail is a great way to enjoy the beautiful landscape of central Texas. This can be a leisurely walk, a hike, or a jog, depending on your preference. Or perhaps you want to go birdwatching or feed some ducks and turtles. Taking in the beauty and peacefulness of nature is sure to make any summer day more fun. You could even meet up with friends or family members and catch up on a park bench, taking in the scenery, or you could explore a botanical garden and admire the blooming flowers. There are many great options for shaded paths with benches for resting and opportunities to enjoy nature safely. Some of our favorite places to enjoy nature include:
  • Barton Creek Greenbelt
  • Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve
  • Zilker Botanical Gardens
  1. Embrace Your Hobbies – Enjoying a hobby or learning a new hobby is a great way to escape from the summer heat while still enjoying the longer days and extended daylight hours. This is a relaxing way to spend time indoors and also provides the opportunity to cultivate new friendships. Whatever your interests are, be it painting, writing, knitting, cooking, baking, sewing, or drawing – there are classes and workshops aplenty. Find one that suits your interests and enjoy the escape from the brutal Texas heat. Some of our favorite places to embrace our hobbies include:
  • Community centers or Senior Centers
  • CRAFT: Austin’s Craft Room
  • Dougherty Arts Center
  • Local Libraries
  • Central Market Cooking Classes
  1. Go To a Museum or Exhibits  – Museums are a great place to spend a warm summer day. Whether it be exploring a local history museum, an aquarium, or an art gallery, you’re sure to have fun appreciating the displays and an air-conditioned escape. Throughout the week, different museums, galleries, exhibits, and aquariums may offer discounted or free entry on specific days – do your research so you can save! Whatever you’re interested in, there’s something for you, and there’s always something new you can learn or something new for you to appreciate. Some of our favorite museums, exhibits, and galleries include:
  • Bullock Texas State History Museum
  • Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum
  • Texas Science & Natural History Museum
  • Blanton Museum of Art
  • Austin Aquarium
  1. Enjoy a Movie or Book – Movies are another excellent air-conditioned escape that you can enjoy while also snacking on some popcorn and watching a new movie. Any escape from the heat is an escape we are willing to take; whether it’s the Costco cold room or a dark and chilly movie theater, we won’t judge you! Some cinemas offer a discount during the week for seniors, or you could get a matinee discount when going earlier in the day. Reading is also a great way to spend your time, expand your knowledge, or indulge your imagination. Book clubs are a great way to meet new friends, share insights, and discuss literature. Some of our favorite places to enjoy a movie, read a good book, or find a book club include:
  • Local Movie Theater (one with a reclining chair is always preferable, in our humble opinion) Some that we like are –  Regal, Alamo Drafthouse, Moviehouse & Eatery
  • Local libraries – excellent for finding a good book to read, reading said book, and even joining a book club

Whatever you choose to do this summer, do it safely. Stay cool, hydrated, and protected from the sun. By partaking in any of these enjoyable activities, you’re bound to have a wonderful summer while making the most of what summertime has to offer. Embrace the longer days and the opportunities to build community while ensuring your health and safety.

From your friends at Senior Industry Services, 

We wish you a safe and happy summer!

Written for Senior Industry Services by Lauren Hope Bartling