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Of Central Texas

We work diligently to bring the senior industry together and partner with exceptional senior service providers in our region, prioritizing your well-being and that of your family. To facilitate your needs, we have developed a comprehensive website offering vendor listings, valuable resources, and engaging events. It is our utmost desire to foster meaningful connections within our community, both online and offline, enabling you to receive the support you deserve.

Long-term Care

Planning for long-term care can be a daunting and challenging process. Our community partners understand the complexities you face, and we are here to provide compassionate and empathetic solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Tap into our network of local medical experts who excel in guiding and supporting the journey of aging. Your local providers are the best resources that perfectly suit your needs.


Non-medical care for seniors offers a wide range of services to help them maintain independence and dignity.


Our local service providers can support you with real estate, finance, legal, and more.


Innovative products to support seniors in their daily lives are launching all the time. See what our local community is endorsing to provide the best solutions for easy and safe senior living.

Our Events


"You've been a great help! I really wouldn't have known what to do without you. You are an awesome human being and provide an invaluable service to people."

Jason H

"I greatly appreciate SIS's and the sponsoring locations' hard work and generosity to help support our community. It's been a tremendous opportunity to meet others and grow my business. I hope soon I can give back."


"Great opportunity to meet and connect with several individuals from a wide range of services! Love learning about area resources!"

Yoli C.S.

"John, I hope that you know how much we appreciate the knowledge and assistance you provided. We could not have accomplished this challenge without you. From our hearts, thank you."

Gary & Jen

"#sisjustnetworking has been a great opportunity to meet, get to know, and expand relationships with people who have similar goals and vision. We have met incredible people who are helping us not only improve our services, but have become good friends. Keep up the great work John and team!"

Linda O.